Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Visual Complex Analysis by Tristan Needham

Visual Complex Analysis PDF Download Ebook. Tristan Needham offers intuitive explanations, lack of advanced prerequisites, and consciously user-friendly prose style. This text will help students to master the subject more readily than was previously possible. The key to this is the book's use of new geometric arguments in place of the standard calculational ones.

These geometric arguments are communicated with the aid of hundreds of diagrams of a standard seldom encountered in mathematical works. A new approach to a classical topic, this work will be of interest to students in mathematics, physics, and engineering, as well as to professionals in these fields.

This text will show you the field of complex analysis in a way you almost certainly have not seen before. Drawing on historical sources and adding his own insights, Needham develops the subject from the ground up, drawing us attractive pictures at every step of the way. If you have time for a year course, full of fascinating detours, this is the perfect text; by picking and choosing, you could use it for a variety of shorter courses.

This radical first course on complex analysis brings a beautiful and powerful subject to life by consistently using geometry (not calculation) as the means of explanation. Although aimed at the complete beginner, professional mathematicians and physicists may also enjoy the fresh insights afforded by this unusual approach. The book contains new geometric arguments that yield a more intuitive and elementary approach than the conventional.

There are over 500 diagrams to illuminate the geometric reasoning, no advanced prerequisites, unusually wide-ranging exercises that investigate important and interesting facts on penetrating (yet elementary) treatments of such important topics.

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