Friday, March 1, 2013

Civil Engineering Formulas 2nd Edition, Tyler Hicks

Civil Engineering Formulas 2nd Edition PDF Download Ebook. Tyler Hicks offers a single compilation of all essential civil engineering formulas and equations in one easy-to-use reference. Practical, accurate data is presented in USCS and SI units for maximum convenience. Follow the calculation procedures inside this book, and get precise results with minimum time and effort.

Each chapter is a quick reference to a well-defined topic, including beams and girders, columns, piles and piling, concrete structures, timber engineering, surveying, soils and earthwork, building structures, bridges and suspension cables, highways and roads, hydraulics, drams, and waterworks, power-generation wind turbines, stormwater, wastewater treatment, reinforced concrete, green buildings and environmental protection.

This job-simplifying pocket reference contains all the essential formulas and equations civil engineers need for a wide variety of design applications--covering everything from structural analysis to soil mechanics! Knowing exactly what you need to get even the most perplexing job done, Tyler Hicks provides a no-fluff approach--this resource is composed of 80% data and 20% text--and all material is presented in USCS and SI units for maximum convenience.

Each chapter is a quick refernece to a well-defined topic, containing a collection of problems with calculation design schemes, formulas, tables, and graphics. In short, everything needed to assure that you find the answer you're searching for in sixty seconds or less!

This handy reference belongs in the pocket of every civil engineer as well as every mechanical, electrical, and environmental engineer. If you want speedy solutions and trouble-free civil engineering calculations, your search ends here!

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