Monday, February 25, 2013

The Handbook of Highway Engineering by T.F. Fwa

The Handbook of Highway Engineering PDF Download Ebook. T.F. Fwa provides a comprehensive, up-to-date treatment of all aspects of highway development and engineering. Its three sections range from consideration of socio-economic and environmental factors to design, construction, maintenance, and management.

Beginning with financing, access management, environmental impacts, road safety, and noise, the book explores the expanded responsibilities of the modern highway engineer as well as the increasing trend toward privatization of project development and financing.

The next section considers technical issues in highway and pavement engineering, including materials, new mechanistic-empirical design approaches, and new closed-form solutions for back-calculation as well as deflection and stress computation in multi-slab systems. Rounding out the discussion, the final section examines construction, management, performance evaluation including nondestructive testing, and a chapter devoted to highway asset management.

Featuring contributions from eminent experts representing eight countries on four continents, this book supplies all of the tools needed to manage the entire integrated process of modern highway development and engineering. This book reflects an integrated view of a road system's entire lifecycle, including any potential environmental impacts, and seeks to develop a sustainable infrastructure through careful planning and active management. This trend is not limited to developed nations, but is recognized across the globe.

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