Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Managing Performance in Construction by Bernold

Managing Performance in Construction PDF Download Ebook. Leonhard E. Bernold and Simaan M. AbouRizk provide insight to construction productivity improvement. Taking cues from manufacturing sectors such as computer, automobile and chemical companies, this book will apply the lessons learned to building construction.

Construction is the country's single largest manufacturing industry. However, it is a sector that lacks benchmarks against which to gauge performance. Supported with a range of pedagogical devices, the book will be of equal value to construction managers and civil engineers, and students with different learning methods.

Authors show how last-minute design changes can be transmitted electronically from design software directly to the fabricators shop equipment. This ability is unprecedented in the construction industry and gives designers and fabricators many opportunities to reduce costs, while ensuring that project objectives are met. This is just the beginning; we can expect more radical changes in the future in the way we bid, supply, and generally manage construction projects.

These changes will encourage the industry to adopt an ontology that will become commonplace, not only between architects and construction engineers in the United States, but those around the world. The education of architects and engineers could even be organized around one of the primary strengths of BIM: collaboration.

This book evaluates the research on structural elements, evaluation indicators and evaluation methods of performance of construction project manager. And then it discusses their characteristics and disadvantages. Finally it describes their current trends.

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