Friday, February 1, 2013

Hazardous Waste Management, Michael D. LaGrega

Hazardous Waste Management PDF Download Ebook. Michael D. LaGrega, Phillip L. Buckingham and Jeffrey C. Evans provide detailed instructions on how to solve hazardous waste problems so students are able think about ways to approach these problems. Each richly detailed, self-contained chapter ends with a set of discussion topics and problems.

Case studies, with equations and design examples, are provided throughout the book to give students the chance to evaluate the effectiveness of different treatment and containment technologies. This text provides a comprehensive introduction to the field that combines a theoretical framework with the authors' own experience in international environmental consulting.

The volume is divided into four parts: fundamentals, current management practices, treatment and disposal methods, and site remediation. The chapters include case studies, example problems, and discussion topics and problems. Graduate students may have encountered much of the material in the first five chapters from other courses.

Therefore, this section introduces basics, not comprehensive coverage, on water generation, law, how wastes move through the environment, and their effects on people and the environment. Part II examines the methods currently used by management in industry to understand the magnitude of hazardous waste problems and how to avoid many of the problems of the past.

Part III contains a selection of treatment and disposal methods. Because literally hundreds of such methods exist, the authors chose some of those methods in contemporary practice and a few emerging technologies to permit an in-depth presentation for the processes selected. Part IV covers site remediation. This includes the characterization of a site, the assessment of risks that it poses, and the development and selection of remedies.

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