Monday, February 4, 2013

Geotechnical Testing, Observation and Documentation

Geotechnical Testing, Observation, and Documentation PDF Download Ebook. Tim Davis offers in-depth field manual for soil technicians and field engineers. Designed to be a reference guide during the investigation, grading, and construction phases of geotechnical projects, Tim Davis' book has helped thousands of readers understand common laboratory and field tests, classify soil accurately, interpret project recommendations, and document the entire construction monitoring process.

This book offers much new material on topics such as deep foundations, asphalt, concrete, and loss prevention. Commonly asked questions appear at the end of every chapter, and a comprehensive case study presents each step of a sample project, from site investigation and lab work through construction and documentation.

A quick reference chapter summarizes current tools and references, explains survey and grading stakes, evaluates compaction equipment, and presents frequently used formulas and equations. In the appendixes, the glossary has been significantly expanded, an answer key to chapter questions is provided, and a collection of sample forms and diagrams is available for immediate use."

This text is valuable useful for training new technicians and providing a refresher for veterans. Soil technicians contemplating the NICET or ICC certification exams will find this book an essential test preparation aid. Tim Davis is construction supervisor for the Public Works Engineering Department in Coconino County, Arizona, where he oversees construction of all public works projects. He has more than 30 years of geotechnical experience as an inspector and technician at construction sites.

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