Thursday, February 28, 2013

Form and Forces: Designing Efficient, Expressive Structures

Form and Forces: Designing Efficient, Expressive Structures PDF Download Ebook. Edward Allen and Waclaw Zalewski offer a fresh, new approach to the study of structures for students and practitioners of architecture and structural engineering.

Emphasizing graphics rather than mathematics and rote learning, this book teaches statics and strength of materials in the context of a set of projects that involve students in the entire process of designing elegant, long-span structures, from concept generation to detailing and planning for construction.

Readers engage in such projects as a hanging roof for a transportation terminal, a concrete shell roof for a basketball arena, a wood truss roof for a summer camp activities building, cantilevered concrete shells to cover a stadium grandstand, and other fascinating, real-world designs.

As they pursue these projects, students learn each fundamental structural design technique as it is needed, in the context in which it is useful, making it easy to remember and employ the principles discussed, including statics, bending and buckling behavior, finding form and forces for long-span structures, beam and column formulas, the choice and layout of framing systems.

Supplemented by a companion Web site with step-by-step graphic statics tutorials, interactive learning tools, and a special-purpose graphic statics solver program, Form and Forces allows every architect and engineer to employ the almost magical power of graphical techniques for generating good form.

This text equips the reader with simple, powerful tools employed by the great structural designers of the past 150 years—from Eiffel, Gaudí, and Maillart, to Schlaich and Calatrava—so that even beginners can design entire structures that are elegant and exciting. The authors really want you to understand each step thoroughly and they give you the tools needed to really understand important ideas about structural form.

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