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Construction Project Scheduling and Control, Mubarak

Construction Project Scheduling and Control 2nd Edition PDF Download Ebook. Saleh Mubarak integrates major construction management topics with an explanation of the methods of heavy/highway and building construction. It incorporates both customary U.S. units and metric ( SI) units and is the only text to present concrete formwork design equations and procedures using both measurement systems.

This edition features information on new construction technology, the latest developments in soil and asphalt compaction, the latest developments in wood preservation and major health, safety and environmental concerns. Author explains latest developments in soil and asphalt compaction by presenting the latest developments in wood perservation materials and techniques which respond to environmental concerns.

Expanded and updated coverage of construction safety and major health hazards and precautions, this book is designed to guide construction engineers and managers in planning, estimating, and directing construction operations safely and effectively. Chapter 6 deals with resource allocation and leveling. This concept is explained clearly, more so in English than in mathematical terms. The mathematical model or algorithm for resource leveling is not discussed because it is complicated and unnecessary and because most schedulers never refer to it. Powerful computers and software have made this function feasible and practical.

Scheduling "Would be worthless without updating and project control, so chapter 7 covers this important subject. Chapter 8 addresses an interesting topic: schedule compression and time-cost trade-offs. In chapter 9, this text explains some commonsense ideas about reports and presentations, in the context of scheduling. In chapter 10, author addresses scheduling as part of the project management effort. This chapter sheds some light on the interrelationships among scheduling, estimating, and other components of construction project management.

Chapter 11 covers a few other scheduling methods, such as the program evaluation and review technique (PERT) and the linear scheduling method (LSM). Chapter 12 provides brief coverage of delay claims, their avoidance, and their resolution. Because the coverage is brief, this chapter is not to be considered the ultimate reference on this subject.

Written by a career construction professional, this text about scheduling and project control addresses the average student, detailing all the steps clearly and without shortcuts. Solved and unsolved exercises cover all subjects, computer software programs for construction are included, and presents precedence networks as the realistic solution to scheduling, the main part of project control.

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