Sunday, February 17, 2013

Building Construction Handbook 9e by Roy Chudley

Building Construction Handbook: Incorporating Current Building & Construction Regulations 9th Edition PDF Download Ebook. Roy Chudley and Roger Greeno provide authoritative reference for all students and professionals. It is full of detailed drawings that clearly illustrate the construction of building elements. The principles and processes of construction are explained with the concepts of design included where appropriate.

Extensive coverage of building construction practice and techniques, representing both traditional procedures and modern developments, are also included to provide the most comprehensive and easy to understand guide to building construction. It contains extended information on water system components, control systems for hot water and heating, ventilation and air conditioning, drainage, gas appliance flues and further examples of design calculations.

This text has been revised and expanded to take into account recent amendments to the Building Regulations Approved Documents and guidance from British and European Standards. It has been reviewed and updated to include further material on energy conservation, sustainable construction, environmental and green building issues. More details of fire protection to elements of construction are now provided.

There is comprehensive coverage of techniques, but not in too great a depth. Many clear, effective diagrams express ideas visually. It is regularly updated text with a strong track record. Authors summarize the application of all common elements of building services practice, technique and procedure, to provide an essential information resource for students as well as practitioners working in building services, building management and the facilities administration and maintenance sectors of the construction industry.

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