Saturday, January 26, 2013

Soils and Geomorphology 3rd Edition, Peter Birkeland

Soils and Geomorphology 3rd Edition PDF Download Ebook. Peter W. Birkeland incorporates a considerable amount of new research with greater number of topics and examples -- particularly in the chapters "Weathering and Soil Development with Time" and "Topography: Soil Relations with Time in Different Climatic Settings."

Greater emphasis is placed on the role of dust in pedogenesis, and new data are included on tropical soil development, global soil-loess relations, neotectonics, and reduction processes. The text discusses field applications such as the use of soils in recognizing climate change, estimating the age of geological deposits, and dealing with environmental problems such as acid rain.

This book provides a systematic treatment of pedology, with an emphasis on field aspects, processes, factors, and applications. It includes atmospheric additions in pedogenesis and covers in depth the use of soils in archaeological and quaternary stratigraphic studies. Material has been added throughout, including information on alpine and desert soils, and on archeology-soil relationships. Numerous charts, graphs, tables, maps, figures and photographs (some new to this edition) contribute to a clear understanding of each section.

New "how-to" appendices on soil descriptions and calculating the profile development index are also included. It is an ideal text for advanced undergraduate and graduate students in courses on pedology, soil science, Quaternary geology, archeology, and sedimentary petrology.

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