Friday, January 11, 2013

Remote Sensing of the Environment, John R. Jensen

Remote Sensing of the Environment: An Earth Resource Perspective 2nd Edition PDF Download Ebook. John R. Jensen introduces the ideas of remote sensing from an Earth resource perspective. It addresses for an important sources of remote sensing information.

This book describes the elemental traits of electromagnetic radiation and the way the energy interacts with Earth materials such as vegetation, water, soil and rock, how the energy reflected or emitted from these materials is recorded using a wide range of remote sensing instruments (e.g., cameras, multispectral scanners, hyperspectral instruments, RADAR), and the way we can extract fundamental biophysical or land use/land cover information from the remote sensor data.

The historical past of remote sensing, the principles of visual photo-interpretation and photogrammetry are also presented. Utility chapters focus on distant sensing of vegetation, water, city land use, and soil/rock and geomorphic features. The book was written for physical, pure, and social scientists concerned about how distant sensing of the environment can be utilized to solve real-world problems.

The following options make this book straightforward to grasp and apply. It incorporates hundreds of illustrations specifically designed to make advanced ideas easy to grasp, a substantial reference list at the end of every chapter. The format permits the remote sensing pictures and diagrams to be simply interpreted, 32 pages of color are used to show distant sensing images or biophysical information which may be extracted from distant sensor data and an Appendix.

Exercises and book illustrations are made obtainable to instructors via the creator's internet site. This book also introduces the basics of digital image analysis. It is splendid for undergraduate or graduate courses in airphoto interpretation and remote sensing.

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