Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Remote Sensing and Image Interpretation 6e, Lillesand

Remote Sensing and Image Interpretation 6th Edition PDF Download Ebook. Thomas Lillesand, Ralph W. Kiefer and Jonathan Chipman describe recent developments in digital image processing to the next generation of satellite systems. This text introduces students to the latest developments in the exciting field of remote sensing and image interpretation.

The text examines the basics of analog image analysis while placing greater emphasis on digitally based systems and analysis techniques. The presentation is discipline neutral, so students in any field of study can gain a clear understanding of these systems and their virtually unlimited applications.

Authors also introduce basic concepts to the interpretation and measurement of objects on aerial photographs. Consideration is given to the types of film available, typical key elements used in photo interpretation and the procedures for calculating the size of objects in distance. They present the physical basis of remote sensing and the technology to measure spectral, spatial and/or temporal variations in field strength.

Stress is placed on laboratory work to ensure familiarity in using computer software to process, restore, enhance and interpret of imagery acquired from satellites. Increased emphasis is on digital image collection and analysis; expanded coverage of digital cameras, digital ortho-photo production, image interpretation for natural disaster assessment.

There is new material on the role of satellite systems in sensor webs; object-oriented digital image classification; a new appendix on radar signal concepts, terminology and units. New line drawings and many new black and white images and color plates are presented.

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