Monday, January 14, 2013

Foundation Design Principles and Practices 2e, Coduto

Foundation Design Principles and Practices 2nd Edition PDF Download Ebook. Donald P. Coduto uses design-oriented approach that addresses geotechnical, structural, and construction aspects of foundation engineering to explore practical methods of designing structural foundations, while emphasizing and explaining how and why foundations behave the way they do.

Author explains the theories and experimental data behind the design procedures, and how to apply this information to real-world problems. It also serves well as a reference book for practicing engineers. he chapters on deep foundations have been completely reorganized and rewritten, and new chapters on reliability-based design and sheet pile walls have been added. Extraneous material has been eliminated, and certain analysis methods have been clarified and simplified.

This book covers general principles (performance requirements, soil mechanics, site exploration and characterization); shallow foundations (bearing capacity, settlement, spread footings -- geotechnical design, spread footings -- structural design, mats) and deep foundations (axial load capacity -- full-scale load tests, static methods, dynamic methods; lateral load capacity; structural design).

Inclusion of carefully developed homework problems distributed throughout the chapters, with comprehensive problems at the end of each chapter. Many of these problems are new or revised. Discussions of recent advances in foundation engineering, including Statnamic testing, load and resistance factor design (LRFD), and applications of the cone penetration test (CPT). An instructor's manual is available to faculty.

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