Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Constructing Architecture Materials, Processes, Structures

Constructing Architecture Materials, Processes, Structures; a Handbook 2nd Edition PDF Download Ebook. Andrea Deplazes and Gerd H. Söffker communicate to students and to those setting out on their careers all essential technical and construction basics necessary for the practical realization of a wide range of designs.

This textbook on building demonstrates an integral approach which combines specialized technical knowledge with the lyrical beauty of the illustrated buildings, and background information on cultural and historical aspects. Building is perceived not just as a feat of technology or engineering but the culmination of an artistic, creative act of will which can be more effectively translated into physical entities if the technical principles of construction are mastered.

The book is divided into the following chapters: raw materials (modules); masonry, concrete, wood, glass, building components (elements); Wall, openings, ceiling, roof, stairs, building types (structures); buildings (examples) which illustrate the building process of a project.

With over 1200 illustrations, plans, and detail drawings, this book is a veritable encyclopedia for anyone interested in the essential technical information needed for building and construction, regardless of design style. This lavish but systematically organized book is divided into sections on materials, building components, building types, case studies, and a catalog of components, all drawn to a common scale, providing everything the professional or the student might need to transform their designs into built projects.

Underlying this enormously practical book is a respect for the primacy of design, the belief that building is not simply a fact of engineering or technology, but the translation and culmination of a creative act that can only be successfully completed if the technical principles of construction are well understood.

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