Thursday, December 6, 2012

Water-Resources Engineering 3rd Edition, David Chin

Water-Resources Engineering 3rd Edition PDF Download Ebook. David A. Chin gives comprehensive coverage of hydraulics, hydrology, and water-assets planning and management. Presented from first rules, the material is rigorous, related to the practice of water resources engineering, and reinforced by detailed presentations of design applications. Prior information of fluid mechanics and calculus (up to differential equations) is assumed.

The book incorporates 17 chapters in comparison with 7 chapters within the previous edition. Within the earlier version, most of the chapters were fairly lengthy and contained each idea and practical examples. In the present edition, principle-oriented chapters have been separated from practice oriented chapters. The material in all chapters has been revised and updated, with some chapters being nearly fully rewritten as described.

Coverage of the design of drainage channels (Chapter 5) has been completely rewritten. Subsequent to the earlier version of the book, the Federal Freeway Administration totally revised their Urban Drainage Design Manual, Hydraulic Engineering Circular No.22 (HEC-22), which supplies the first design guidelines for the design of drainage channels within the United States.

Protection of the design of stormwater management methods (Chapter 12) has been significantly revised and updated. Over the past several years, much has been learned about the efficiency and design of varied stormwater control measures (SCMs) and the newest design approaches to those programs are incorporated in the revised chapter. In addition to updating the coverage on most matters covered in the book, a number of new subjects have been added. For instance, coverage of water hammer, variable-velocity pumps, watersurface profiles across bridges, design of dams and reservoirs, and uncertainty analysis have all been added.

Many new end-of chapter problems have been added to help the revised coverage within the book, and several other problems from the earlier version have been removed or modified.

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