Friday, December 14, 2012

Getting to Know ArcGIS Desktop 10 2nd Edition

Getting to Know ArcGIS Desktop 10 2nd Edition PDF Download Ebook. Tim Ormsby introduces principles of GIS as it teaches the mechanics of using ESRI’s leading technology. Its broad scope, simple style, and practical orientation make this book an ideal classroom text and an excellent resource for those learning GIS on their own.

Key concepts are combined with detailed illustrations and step-by-step exercises to acquaint readers with the building blocks of ArcGIS® Desktop including ArcMap™, for displaying and querying maps, ArcCatalog™, for organizing geographic data, and ModelBuilder™, for diagramming and processing solutions to complex spatial analysis problems.

A data CD for working through the exercises and a fully functioning 180-day trial ArcGIS® Desktop 10 software is included. This guide employs the teaching approach used so effectively. Richly detailed illustrations and step-by-step exercises teach basic GIS tasks -- from mapmaking, to spatial analysis, to database creation.

Readers learn to use the software that forms the building blocks of ArcGIS: ArcMap, for displaying and querying maps; ArcCatalog, for managing geographic data; and ArcToolbox, for setting map projections and converting data. Also included in the book are explorations of the newest ESRI data format, the geodatabase, which stores spatial and attribute information in a relational database.

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