Monday, December 31, 2012

Environmental Science: A Global Concern 12th Edition

Environmental Science: A Global Concern 12th Edition PDF Download Ebook. William Cunningham offers complete presentation of environmental science for non-science majors which emphasizes important thinking, environmental accountability, and world awareness. This book is intended for use in a one or two-semester course in environmental science, human ecology, or environmental studies on the faculty or advanced placement high school level.

Authors have updated much of the info within the 12th version; up to date knowledge on hunger and weight problems, waste production, C02 emissions, and the consequences of the 2010 oil spill are just some examples. This book offers readers with an up-to-date, introductory world view of essential themes in environmental science.

The authors balance evidence of serious environmental challenges with ideas about what we can do to overcome them. An entire chapter focuses on ecological restoration; one of the essential features of ecology today. Case studies in most chapters present examples of actual progress, and “What Can You Do?” lists give students concepts for contributing to solutions.

More up to date than some other text accessible, this book provides an introductory view of essential ideas in environmental science with an emphasis on human involvement, using examples, case research and data from around the globe. The authors have led the discipline on incorporating essential thinking into the issues and considerations of our world's environment.

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